• 01. zJailbreak doesn't detect my System data. What should I do?

  • Just tap back button and start the process again, Otherwise, tap the reload button ( above right-hand corner of Safari address bar).

  • 02. I tapped the "Install zJailbreak" button, But it didn't take me to "zJailbreak Installation menu."

  • Please wait about 5 seconds. Then tap the reload icon of the Safari browser.

  • 03. I tapped the "Install zJailbreak" button. It takes me to my "Settings" app.

  • Wait few seconds. Then double tap the Home button and quit from the "Settings" app.
    Then open the Safari browser again. Tap the reload icon or start the zJailbreak installation process again.

  • 04. I am getting "Cannot Open zJailbreak" or "Cellular Data is turned off." message.

  • You must have internet access to open the zJailbreak app.Please on your mobile data or connect to the Wi-Fi to use zJailbreak application.

  • 05. I am getting an Error as "Open this app on your home screen."

  • You must open the zJailbreak app on your device home screen. You cannot use the iOS search option to open this application.

  • 06. I have another issue which is not listed on above FAQ.

  • Please send an email to us. We will send a reply asap. You can find the zJailbreak support email address on app.

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