Loofamai is the world's only prank store for iOS devices. Just install the Loofamai app store to feel the screwy pranks and send them to your friends. Pranks work with all iOS devices. No need to install the zJailbreak app store on victim's iOS device for Loofamai prank apps.

Loofamai pranks are highly advanced and different from rudimentary Apple App store prank. Most of prank apps hack the user’s Settings / iOS system.

Loofamai prank store is 100% safe to use or distribute. All iOS system hacked applications can be removed easily. Otherwise, prank apps will be removed automatically after 24 hours.

Now it is compatible up to latest iOS 13.3.1 Jailbreak.

Download Loofamai

Once you download the zJailbreak you can get loofamai free. Watch the following video.

How Pranks works?

You can send Loofamai Prank app links to your friends (anybody) or You can share Loofamai pranks as the Videos, Tweets, Facebook status (anyway) Prank works with all iPads, iPhones and iPod touch with all iOS version. We recommend testing pranks on your device before sending them to your friends.

Loofamai Installation Guide

Step 01 - First, install zJailbreak from above button. Launch it on your device. Search for Loofamai.

Step 02 - Tap on it to install and allow to download the profile to your device settings.

Step 03 - Then tap on the profile to install. You need to provide your device passcode for this step.

Step 04 - Finally, Loofamai app will appear on your device homescreen. Enjoy!

Popular Loofamai pranks

There are 22 pranks app available on Loofamai Store. Here are some popular pranks. We recommend watching the video above to get more idea about the Loofamai prank app Store.

Camera upgrade Prank
Send the "camera upgrade prank" link. Here is the camera upgrade prank link Your friend will upgrade to camera to get new more features to camera This will happen when user try to open the camera.


Fire Blast Prank
You can install the Fireblast app on your friend’s iPhone. Just check the video about Fireblast and more this kind of apps.


Siri Plus app
Send the Siri Plus app link to anyone. Go to Prank link from here. He/She will install the Siri Plus application to get more advanced features on Siri The application will disable your default Siri options. Your Friend has to setup the Siri again from Siri plus app. Just watch the video above for setup process of the Siri. It is the funniest part of this prank.


Other Loofamai pranks







Brendan A. Howell
It is really good if you want to prank your friends.

William Ambrose

Ronald Reda
Superb. I cannot understand that how this pranks apps work. How developers remove the user's camera for 24 hours, How they change the wallpapers, How do they change the content of my friend’s News app. They do everything without Jailbreak. It seems like a Magic

I don’t want to prank with anybody

Good, But I will be happy if they develop the real Automatic wallpaper changing, Not a prank one

Very good, It is the next level of pranks

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